pirateislandnassauNew things I have been working lately alot. I’ve had a couple days of lately more than other weeks and i’ve put some time into the game again! It feels great too. I’ve been working on getting effects and correct working AI. I’ve been learning coding little by little, so i’ve been trying to fix some errors that are noticeable. The new updates might be small but for the time I have it is a nice improvement. Also, I’ve been alpha testing Blackwake if you guys want to check it out, here is the link



  • Open a spreadshirt with t-shirts to help fund the game
  • Come out with a new playable demo next week which 11-6th till 11-12th
  • New Art Assets
  • Improve AI
  • Add the ability to sail
  • Add Nassau Village
  • Add NPCs
  • Add Prototype Inventory system that is linked to health also


Patch notes .03

  • New Weapons [Blunderbuss,Cutlass,Flintlock]
  • Buildings react to being hit by weapons [Different type of bullet holes or melee hits]
  • Blood effect from monsters when hit. [Version 1/ Unfinished]
  • New AI system provided by Ice Creature Control [Version 1/Unfinished]
  • Island Refinements
  • Camera issues fixed with Double Camera due to UFPS [Issue still show some issues]
  • Day and Night cycle dropped down from 200x to 100x.
  • Underwater Effects from Suimono fixed
  • Ammo and health pickups added [Base Models]

Listed Bugs

  • Zombies sometimes don’t notice the player after being killed
  • You do not float in the ocean
  • Doors do not open yet
  • Blunderbuss doesn’t have a spread effect yet
  • Footsteps don’t work on every surface